Padraic O’Conaire was born in Galway City in 1882. His father was a pblican. After the collapse of his father business, his father was forced to emigrate to the United States of America where he died shortly afterwards. O Conaires’ mother died in 1893, with the result that O Conaire was sent to live with his uncle Patrick Conroy in ROSMUC, which was also my father’s uncle.

In 1899 O Conaire emigrated to London where he got a job with the Board of education. He become involve with the Gaelic League and was a pioneer of the Irish Literary revival.

O Conaire and Patrick Pearce are regarded as being two of the most important short stories writers during the first decades of 19th century.

He was only 46 years old when he died.

A statue to his memory was erected in 1935 in John F Kennedy Memory Park at Eyre Square in Galway city (see picture above). The famous statue is now relocated in Galway city Museum beside the Spanish Arch.

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